Spoke + Spool, established in 2009 was a small, independent clothing label designed and made in Sydney for the freewheeling city cyclist. Spoke + Spool was born out of the frustration of a gap in the market for multi-functional, low-tech, aesthetically oriented clothing to cycle in and wear off the bike, day to night.  Incorporating transformable, reflective and mapping elements, Spoke + Spool used as much vintage pieces and materials as possible- reconstructing and reconfiguring silhouettes to make contemporary apparel to meet a commuter’s needs.

 Spoke + Spool became more focused on running workshops that empowered the community to alter items in their own wardrobe for cycling. Spoke + Spool and Stitch-A-Ride workshop series was a collaboration with Sydney-based communication designer Laura Pike. 


Photography: Laura Frazer

Models: Nicole Paterson, Dane Ashton Collins