Longstanding anthropological factors determine the current production, trade and end use of textile clothing objects. This work explores both what we know and what we don’t know about where design meets the skin. What we wear defines our exterior but it is linked with tightly held personal journeys of memory, emotion and intimacy.  These skin suits have been made specifically for two humans who are the opposite ends of size spectrum.  A selection of their garments were collected, copied and intersected into a whole- displaying the collective of clothing we might wear at any given time. For two months they were asked to wear the linen suits as often as possible without washing them, thus shaping the fabric with their bodily excretions, odour and movement while within them. 

Exhibited at The Papermill Gallery, Angel Place, Sydney (officially part of 2011 Sydney Design Program) and at New Low Gallery, Swanston Street, Melbourne, 2012.

Photography: Arini Byng