Collaboration between Alia Parker and Alexandra Peters for 'Refashioned'- an exhibition of textiles, fashion, and accessories presented by RMIT Link Arts & Culture as part of the 2013 L’Oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival Cultural Program.

The work is the integration of locally sourced sphagnum moss and repurposed textiles to produce a living carbon capturing garment. The concept spans the idea that as the wearer moves through the city, the garment's active status negates or reduces the effect of carbon producing activities. 

 This work explores an alternative fabric direction that subverts traditional crop and synthetic-based textile production for apparel. Taking inspiration from Susanna Lee’s Bio Couture, the work explores the creation of an organic fabric that provides the wearer with a mobile carbon neutral ecosystem, combating global warming. The design makes reference to conspicuous consumption synonymous with contemporary 21st century pop-cultural iconography.

moss jacket

Photography: Holly Russell