New York based label VOZ- Spanish for VOICE,  is a collection of luxury artisanal apparel inspired by the beauty of ancient cultures and ceremonial crafts married with contemporary ready-to-wear silhouettes. Founded in 2012 by Jasmine Aarons, VOZ honours and empowers artisans creatively, economically and culturally by providing education, sustainable employment and a platform designed to preserve and support traditional art forms.

In October 2014 I came on board as Assistant Designer and Head of Production. With a small team, I worked managing the tail end of SS15 production while co-designing and sampling AW15. A host of skills were garnered in designing around unique problems I could not have imagined. 

VOZ poses a unique and thought provoking challenge to the fashion industry. How can the idiosyncratic magic of ancient craft be made valuable to a contemporary fashion market shaped and driven by fleeting trends? Moreover, how can this model be scaled and create a real impact both on the lives of the artisans and the consumer? These are frighteningly real and immense challenges that most fashion houses shy away from. 

Photography: Abdul Abasi