Created by Liz Dunn and produced by Aphids, FLYWAY investigates the annual perilous journey across the globe by migratory birds. With an immersive soundscape through headphones and provided with binoculars, audiences are lead on a bird-watching tour through the city happening upon hijacked screens displaying mediated ethereal imagery. Using video, sound and performance FLYWAY merges foreground and background and creates a thought-provoking experience of ‘nature’.

 The costume incorporates tailored elements, a leather harness and remote controlled fibre optic ‘wings’ that pulse into illumination as dusk falls upon Dunn and the audience she has lead through the urban environment to the water’s edge. Inspiration was drawn from notions of visibility/invisibility, transience, old flying paraphernalia, the musician Fatima al Qadiri and Dunn’s own personal style.

 Flyway was shown at the Operadagen Rotterdam, Netherlands (18-24 May 2014) and the International Theatre Festival "Varna Summer", Bulgaria (5-12 June 2014).